Poznań Beer Expo 2016 beer glasses and new Barrel Aged glasses from Spiegelau!

barrel aged spiegelau

This year again we encourage everyone to visit our Expo store where you will find a few cool new products! One of those is a new Barrel Aged glass from Spiegelau. Barrel-aged beers are very complex in terms of aroma, taste, mouth feel and finish. Such beers need to be savoured and their aroma is

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How to go through Poznań Beer Expo? – survival guide

Nobody said it’s going to be easy. Three days ahead of us in which we’ll have to face a flood of beer, a hurricane of people, an avalanche of expressiveness and a storm of joyful shouts and cheers from all around. How to prepare yourself not only to survive but to even achieve a wild

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Rent your own glass!

To drink beer from a bottle or a plastic cup is like eating caviar right from the can – you might do it but it just doesn’t seem right. Only beer poured into a glass may let out the full bouquet of flavors and aromas, allowing to fully experience it and get to know all

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Spiegelau glassware at Poznań Beer Expo 2015

You’ve been asking us for a while about the glassware that will be available to buy at Poznań Beer Expo 2015, so here’s the time for this secret to stop being a secret! :) Ladies and gentleman for the start (and it is just a start!) – three beautifully looking beer glass types! :) A

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