About us

Poznań Beer Expo

The Poznań Beer Expo, taking place since 2013, is a unique event. The joyful celebration of one of the oldest beverages in the world is intertwined with the professional character of a trade fair event. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the culture, history, and contemporary world of craft beer.

During the Beer Expo, both beer enthusiasts and those taking their first steps in the world of beer will have a great time. We provide the opportunity to taste the highest quality craft beers, ciders, and meads, as well as to discover products closely related to the industry.

The expo is also about extraordinary people – homebrewers and professionals, beer aficionados, bloggers, and all those who simply love good beer. It’s a chance to have conversations, exchange experiences, or learn something new!

Mission and values

The mission of the Poznań Beer Expo brand is to unify, educate, and change the perception of beer through craftsmanship.

The highest value for us is a professional and honest approach to our guests, contractors, and partners.

We strive to ensure that all our initiatives are driven by passion and have a real impact on the development of the craft brewing industry in Poland, while also creating opportunities for discussions, friendships, and collaboration.

We want the Poznań Beer Expo brand to be associated with the highest quality, but also with fun, joy, and positive emotions.

  • Quality

We have made it our point of honor to provide the highest quality service to our guests, contractors, and partners. Professionalism is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to make it evident in every aspect of our work. Out of respect for all individuals involved in our activities, we prioritize integrity and transparency in our actions.


  • Passion

Everything began with passion and dreams, and they continue to guide us. All our initiatives are fueled by emotions, joy, and a touch of positive madnessBecause every new idea comes from the depths of our hearts, we ensure that all our actions align with our beliefs and inner values that guide us every day.


  • People

We wholeheartedly believe that craft is not just about beer, but about the people who stand behind it. That’s why we not only create places and opportunities for gatherings but also highly value the friendships and collaborations we establish along the way. We make sure that every person associated with our initiatives feels a sense of community and is comfortable with us.


  • Beer

We believe that there are no people who don’t like beer, only those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to try one that suits their taste. Guided by this idea, we emphasize that our initiatives are associated with a wide selection of high-quality beers – so everyone can find something for themselves. For years, we have also been working to dispel the negative reputation of beer, promoting the culture of craft brewing and alcohol consumption through engagement in community actions and charity campaigns.


  • Continous Development

We never slow down, and we never rest on our laurels. We constantly seek inspiration, and every day, new ideas sprout in our minds, and we boldly set out to bring them to life. We aim to set trends and be pioneers among events in the world of craft brewing.

See how the first edition looked – 2013!

That’s how it was in 2023!