Greater Poland Design Cup Rules and Regulations




  1. The organiser of Greater Poland Design Cup 2023 contest (hereinafter referred to as GPDC) is Targi Piwne sp. z o.o., ul. Głogowska 31/33, 60-702 Poznań, KRS 0000675606, REGON 367151832.



  1. The contest will be held on 13-14 October 2023 in Poznań.

  1. The GPDC 2023 will be conducted in 5 categories:

    1. Bottle

    2. Can 

    3. Series (minimum 3 labels or packages, constituting a coherent series)

    4. Premium product

    5. Advertising gadget

  1. All projects must relate directly to the brewing, cider or mead industry.

  1. The evaluation criteria will be:

a. Design and aesthetics

b. Ergonomics and functionality

c. Sustainable development and ecology

d. Marketing and branding

e. Innovation and technology

f. Compliance with the law

  1. Regardless of the entity submitting the project to the Competition, each project must be signed with the name and surname or artistic nickname of the author or the name of the company which is the author of the project.

  1. By submitting the application, the participant declares that he/she has the right to use the work.

  1. Only projects that have been produced and placed on the market within 36 months preceding the GPDC 2023 or will be placed on the market within 3 months after GPDC 2023, may be submitted to one of the “Market product” categories. The only exception are products submitted in the “Series” category – where the last project in the series must be placed on the market no earlier than the 24 months preceding the GPDC 2022.

  1. Each participant may submit any number of projects in each category. The same project may be submitted to several categories.

  1. The Organiser reserves the right to assign a project to the most appropriate category. In case of an exceptionally high or low number of entries into a given category, the Organiser reserves the right to change the category: it may be divided or connected.



  1. The competition is open to currently operating breweries and cider mills, the products of which are available for sale, as well as designers.

  1. One project may be submitted by only one entity. If the same project is submitted by two entities, the priority right is granted to the entity holding moral rights to the work.

  1. Projects can be entered into the contest by completing and sending the application form, which will be available until September 30th 2023 on the website:

  1. There is an entry fee for participation in the competition. The cost of submitting the project amounts to:

  • 120 net PLN (+23% VAT) / 28 EUR (+23% VAT) for each project entered before August 14th, 2023

  • 150 net PLN (+23% VAT) / 34 EUR (+23% VAT) for each project entered between 15-31 August, 2023

  • 180 net PLN (+23% VAT) / 40 EUR (+23% VAT) for each project entered after August 31th, 2023.

The fee is not reimbursable. 

  1. The participants which are exhibitors at Poznań Beer Expo 2023 are exempt from the fee for the first project entered into the Contest. Exemption from the fee is subject to reservation of the exhibition space at Poznań Beer Expo 2023, which has to be confirmed upon sending the Contest application. 

  1. In case the manufacturer resigns from the participation in Poznań Beer Expo 2023, they will be obliged to pay the fee for the project entered into the competition in the amount of 180 net PLN.

  1. The fee for all the projects entered into the contest shall be paid within 14 days from the date of completing the application form; however, not later than until 6 October 2023, to the following bank account of the organiser:

Targi Piwne Sp. z o.o.

ul. Głogowska 31/33, 60-702 Poznań


PLN transfer: PL 33 1950 0001 2006 0025 1741 0002

EUR transfer: PL 06 1950 0001 2006 0025 1741 0003

The bank transfer title should contain the following data: GP + name and surname of participant or company name

  1. The participant undertakes to deliver physical projects to the contest Organiser between 25 August – 6 October 2023

  1. The submitted project must include:

    1. Product in realised, physical form (ie in the form of a bottle, can, series of bottles or cans, premium product and / or advertising gadget) in the amount of 1 item for each submitted project. In the case of projects submitted to the “Series” category, please send min. 1 product in the series in the physical version, the remaining designs must be delivered as a digital file.

    2. Digital file or files:

  • in case of label or package design: project grid prepared for printing in PDF/TIFF format

  • other materials, e.g. marketing files (product photos, banners, commercials) product visualisation (min. 1, max. 10) – PNG format, 2000×2000 px

  • 1 digital file containing a photo or visualisation of the project in TIFF/PDF format, size A3, 300dpi.

  1. The organizer will inform the participants by e-mail to which address the packages are to be sent.

  1. The received projects will not be returned and may be used by the Organizer for marketing purposes promoting the GPDC Competition. The organizer does not bear any responsibility for damage or loss of the sent projects during transport.

  1. Projects in digital form should be send in accordance with the instructions included in the application form.



  1. The evaluation of the projects will be carried out by a Jury composed of representatives of the sectors related to design, packaging production and marketing.

  1. The Jury members cannot evaluate their own projects submitted into the contest.



  1. Maximum three medals will be awarded in each category (bronze – 3rd place, silver – 2nd place and gold – 1st place). The organisers reserve the right not to award or award a smaller number of prizes in a specific category.

  1. The following prizes are awarded in each of 5 categories:

    1. For the 1st place: Diploma, GP distinction, graphic sign “Złoto GP” (Gold GP) to be used for promotion purposes

    2. For the 2nd place: Diploma, GP distinction, graphic sign “Srebro GP” (Silver GP) to be used for promotion purposes

    3. For the 3rd place: Diploma, GP distinction, graphic sign “Brąz GP” (Bronze GP) to be used for promotion purposes

  1. Among the winning projects in categories in the “Market Product” segment, the Jury will choose through a debate and open vote the project which will be awarded the title “The Greatest Design,” GP distinction, and graphic sign ‘“The Greatest Design GP” to be used for promotion purposes. 

  1. Additional prizes for  “The Greatest Design”  title winner are:

  1. the possibility of free-of-charge stand display on Poznań Beer Expo 2023, in the edition following the edition during which the final gala of Greater Poland 2023 will take place, with the priority of choosing the place (the prize includes covering the cost of standard 3x3m stand purchase, according to the price list of Poznań Beer Expo, whereas the winner undertakes to cover all other costs associated with the participation in the Expo, such as the cost of connections, etc).

  2. A package of promotional services provided by Targi Piwne Sp. z o.o. worth PLN 10,000 (EUR 2500)

  1. GPDC 2023 prizes will be publicly awarded during the Final Gala of Poznań Beer Expo, in the afternoon hours on 24 November 2023. If the author of the beer is absent at the gala, they may appoint a person authorised to collect the prize.

  1. Submitting project(s) to the competition earns the participant 2 free tickets to the gala that will be held on 24 November 2023 at Poznań Beer Expo.

  1. Uncollected prizes can be collected from the Organiser after a suitable collection date and place have been arranged. 



  1. The entities submitting their projects into GPDC 2022 hereby consent for their name and surname or company name to be published in contest-related information, for the name, surname and contact data of the authors to be provided to the contest sponsors and prize founders, as well as for their name, surname and image to be used for promotion of the Greater Poland Beer Cup contest by the organiser of GPDC 2022, i.e. Targi Piwne Sp. z o.o.  

  1. The producers submitting projects to GPDC allow for publishing of evaluation sheets of their projects awarded with medals.  

  1. The organisers hereby reserve the right to change the Regulations in case any significant and unforeseen external circumstances occur. 

  1. In case of administrative restrictions resulting from the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic, making it impossible to organise the Contest in the planned form, the Organiser reserves the right to change the form of projects assessment by the Jury and the date of the Contest, or to cancel the Contest. 

  1. The change of projects assessment form or the date of the Contest does not entitle to receive reimbursement of the Contest participation fees. 

  1. In case of a changed date, the Contest Participant who filled out the application form and made the payment for the submitted projects, before implementing changes into the Rules and Regulations, is allowed to submit one additional project, per each 3 projects submitted in the application form, without bearing the entry costs.

  1. In case of complete cancellation of the Contest, the Organiser will reimburse the fees incurred by the Participant for the projects entered into the Contest.

  1. The cancellation of Poznań Beer Expo or the cancellation of the Final Gala, does not automatically mean cancellation of the contest. The cancellation of Poznań Beer Expo and/or the Final Gala does not entitle to receive reimbursement of the Contest participation fees.