Greater Poland Mead Cup Home Rules and Regulations




  1. The Organiser of Greater Poland Mead Cup Home 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the Competition or GPMCH) is Targi Piwne sp. z o.o., ul. Głogowska 31/33, 60-702 Poznań, KRS 0000675606, REGON 367151832.



  1. The Competition will be held on 13-14 October 2023 in Poznań. If more than 10 meads are entered into the given category, the Jury Chairperson may decide to run a qualifying round, out of which not more than 10 meads will be qualified for the final round. 

  1. The Competition will be held in 4 mead categories:

  1. Traditional Mead

  2. Fruit Mead

  3. Spice Mead

  4. Mead – others

  1. Each participant may enter into the Competition any number of meads in each category. One mead can only be entered into one category – the same mead cannot be entered into different categories.

  1. The Organiser reserves the right to assign mead to the most appropriate category. In case of an exceptionally high or low number of entries into a given category, the Organiser reserves the right to change the category: it may be divided or connected.

  1. The participant will receive feedback concerning all entered meads. 



  1. Only home-made mead by individual home mead makers or home mead mill can participate in the competition. Only commercially available legal raw materials may be used to make mead.

  1. Only adults are allowed to participate in the Competition. By submitting a mead to the Competition, the participant declares that he/she is the author of the mead and that he/she is an adult.

  1. Products can be entered into the Competition by completing and sending the application form, which will be available until 5 October 2022 on the website:

  1. There is an entry fee for participation in the competition. The cost of submitting mead to the Competition is: 

  • PLN 25 (7 EUR) for each registered mead

The fee is not reimbursable. 

  1. The fee for all the meads entered into the Competition shall be paid within 14 days from the date of completing the application form; however, not later than until September 30th, 2023, to the following bank account of the Organiser:

Targi Piwne Sp. z o.o.

ul. Głogowska 31/33, 60-702 Poznań


PLN transfer: PL 33 1950 0001 2006 0025 1741 0002

EUR transfer: PL 06 1950 0001 2006 0025 1741 0003

The bank transfer title should contain the following data: GPMCH + mead maker full name

  1. The participant undertakes to deliver mead to the Competition Organiser between 18-30 September 2023, in the amount of 2 bottles/cans at least 0,33l in volume (in case of smaller containers, an equivalent of at least 0,66 l is required).

  1. The organizer will inform the participants by e-mail to which address the packages are to be sent.

  1. All samples sent to the Competition become the Organiser’s property and may be used by the Organiser for competition marketing purposes.

  1. The Organiser is not responsible for any damage that occurs during transportation.



  1. The meads will be assessed by the Jury composed of experienced judges from Poland and abroad. 

  1. The judges cannot assess their own meads entered into the Competition.



  1. Maximum three medals will be awarded in each mead category (bronze – 3rd place, silver – 2nd place and gold – 1st place). The Organisers reserve the right not to award or award a smaller number of prizes in a specific category.

  1. The following prizes are awarded in each of 4 categories:

    1. For the 1st place: GPMCH 2022 Diploma, gifts from PTP

    2. For the 2nd place: GPMCH 2022 Diploma, gifts from PTP

    3. For the 3rd place: GPMCH 2022 Diploma, gifts from PTP

  1. Among the winning meads in specific categories, the jury will choose through a debate and open vote the mead which will be awarded the title “The Greatest Home Mead”.

  1. Additional prizes for the winner of “The Greatest Home Mead” title are:

  1. production of mead according to the winning recipe in Miodosytnia Imbiorowicz,

  2. graphic design of the label for the winning mead, containing information about the home mead maker (name and surname of the mead maker and/or the name of the home meadery)

  3. 36 bottles (750 ml) of the mead produced as the prize or its equivalent

  4. 2 days in an apartment on Lake Powidzkie, run by the Imbiorowicz family.

  1. By participating in the Competition, Meadmaker consents to the use of his recipe by Miodosytnia Michał Imbiorowicz in order to produce the mead  and to market that mead as The Greatest Home Mead, signed with his name. In connection with the above, the winner grants Miodosytnia Michał Imbiorowicz permission to use his or her name and surname and image for advertising purposes of The Greatest Home Mead. The winning mead will be produced in an amount of at least 7.5 hl.

Miodosytnia stipulates that only available and lawful raw materials may be used to produce the mead, and that the brewer’s original recipe will be adapted to industrial and market conditions.

Miodosytnia will not undertake the production of mead that may jeopardize the sanitary regime of the brewery, especially in case of the use of wild yeast or lactic acid bacteria.

In the event that The Greatest Home Mead award is won by a mead that does not meet the above requirements, the Organizer reserves the right to transfer the prizes listed in par. 21 for the participant whose mead will be selected by the Jury as the second best mead submitted to the Competition.

The winner waives any financial claims arising from the sale of mead.

  1. GPMCH 2023 prizes will be publicly awarded during the Final Gala of Poznań Beer Expo, in the afternoon hours on 24 November 2023. If the author of the mead is absent at the Gala, they may appoint a person authorised to collect the prize.

  1. Submitting a product to the contest entitles the competitor to receiving one ticket to the final gala, which takes place on November 24, 2023, during Poznań Beer Expo.

  1. Uncollected prizes can be collected from the Organiser after a suitable collection date and place have been arranged. 



  1. The mead makers entering their meads into GPMCH hereby consent for their data to be published in Competition-related information, for the personal and contact data of the authors of the meads entered into GPMCH  to be provided to the Competition sponsors and prize founders, as well as for their name, surname and image to be used for promotion of the GPMCH by the Organiser of GPMCH, i.e. Targi Piwne Sp. z o.o.  

  1. The competitors submitting beers to GPBC allow for publishing of evaluation sheets of their beers awarded with medals.  

  1. The Organisers hereby reserve the right to change the Regulations in case any significant and unforeseen external circumstances occur. 

  1. In case of administrative restrictions resulting from the SARS-CoV-19 pandemic, making it impossible to organise the Competition in the planned form, the Organiser reserves the right to change the form of mead assessment by the Jury and the date of the Competition, or to cancel the Competition. 

  1. The change of mead assessment form or the date of the Competition does not entitle to receive reimbursement of the Competition participation fees. 

  1. In case of a changed date, the Competition Participant who filled out the entry form before implementing changes into the Rules and Regulations, is allowed to implement changes into the categories of entered meads.

  1. In case of a changed date, the Competition Participant who filled out the entry form and made the payment for the entered meads, before implementing changes into the Rules and Regulations, is allowed to enter one additional mead, per each 3 meads entered in the entry form, without bearing the entry costs.

  1. In case of complete cancellation of the Competition, the Organiser will reimburse the fees incurred by the Participant for the products entered into the Competition.

  1. The cancellation of Poznań Beer Expo or the cancellation of the Final Gala, referred to in p. 19 does not automatically mean cancellation of the Competition. The cancellation of Poznań Beer Expo and/or the Final Gala does not entitle to receive reimbursement of the Competition participation fees referred to in p. 26.

  1. The meads submitted to the Competition before the implementation of changes or the cancellation of the Competition shall not be returned.