Greater Poland Competition

2024 edition

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Greater Poland offers seven competitions, aimed at both professionals and hobbyists in the field of beer, ciders, meads, and graphics. However, it is more than just a regular tasting competition – it is an opportunity for exchanging experiences, establishing business relationships, and meeting the people behind the best products.

The competition jury consists of experienced and talented judges from different parts of the world, ensuring an objective assessment of the submitted products. After the competition, participants will receive a scorecard that reveals the impressions their products made on the judges – compliments will delight, and constructive feedback will help refine their craft.

But that’s not all! Medalists will also receive a graphical symbol from us, which they can use for free in their marketing activities to promote their product, as well as valuable prizes! And we will meet the winners on the spotlight at the Grand Finale Gala during the Poznań Beer Expo!

Beer Cup

The competition is aimed at professional breweries, in which, among beers submitted in as many as 49 categories, the best of the best will be selected.

Cider Cup

The competition is aimed at professional cideries. Cider makers can submit their products in 4 categories, and the jury will decide which of them deserve the title of winner.

Mead Cup

The competition is aimed at professional meaderies. Mead makers can submit their products in 6 categories, where they will compete for the title of the best.

Design Cup

The competition is aimed at professional alcohol producers, graphic designers, and creative agencies. The competition will assess labels and packaging of beers, ciders, and meads, as well as promotional gadgets. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in 5 categories.

Beer Cup Home

Having a long-standing tradition, the competition is aimed at homebrewers. This time, homebrewers will compete in 6 categories. The best beers will be brewed in professional breweries and will be available for sale, bearing the name of the recipe's author!

Cider Cup Home

The competition created for home cider makers, who will have the opportunity to compete in 3 categories.

Mead Cup Home

The competition in which home mead makers can compete in 4 categories. Among the submitted products, the best one will be selected and produced in a professional meadery.

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Meet our judges 2023!

Vidmantas Čičelis
Marek Kamiński
Jolita Smaidriene
Piet Tuinema
Marcin Ostajewski
Paweł Leszczyński
Virginijus Marcinkevičius
Frank Christian
Wiktor Staszewski
Jacek Barański
Sebastian Strzeliński
Rafał Juszczak
Marcin Stefaniak
Marcin Chołaściński
Filip Gabryel
Artur Napiórkowski
Maciej Skrzypkowski
Adam Szewczyk
Adam Czogalla

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Competition FAQ

To jest nagłówek nie dotykaj!

The judging of the submitted products will take place on October 13-14 2023, and the announcement of the results will be during the Grand Finale Gala at the Poznań Beer Expo on November 24, 2023.

The acceptance of submissions will begin on August 1st and will end on September 30, 2023. The organizer will inform participants about the details regarding the submission process.

Experienced judges of beer, cider, and mead will evaluate the submissions from both professionals and home hobbyists, while individuals with professional expertise in design and packaging production will assess the entries for the Design Cup competition. The full list of judges is provided below. The judging panel will be led by two Jury Chiefs – Maciej Wentowski, overseeing the tasting competitions, and Weronika Harzyńska, in charge of the graphic design contest. The overall organization of the competition will be supervised by the main organizer, Grzegorz Stachurski.

The judges

The judging panel will consist of professionals and distinguished sensory experts, who possess relevant certifications, experience gained from other competitions, and achievements in the field of sensory analysis or graphic design. The full list of judges will be presented soon.

The Greater Poland competition series could not exist without the dedicated judges and the team managing the contests – so if you want to join this group, choose the form that interests you (or several! 🙂 and provide us with your information or find out more.