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How to go through Poznań Beer Expo? – survival guide

How to go through Poznań Beer Expo? – survival guide
How to go through Poznań Beer Expo? – survival guide
Nobody said it’s going to be easy. Three days ahead of us in which we’ll have to face a flood of beer, a hurricane of people, an avalanche of expressiveness and a storm of joyful shouts and cheers from all around. How to prepare yourself not only to survive but to even achieve a wild satisfaction from being right in the centre of it all? We’re hurrying with some hints!

1. Shoes are the foundation!

Every soldier knows that comfortable shoes are at basic needs. The weather outside isn’t the nicest and it would be a great pity if soken shoes ruined the fun. On your way to the Expo try to avoid larger puddles (same goes for possible beer puddles which may sporadically appear on Expo grounds at the points of especially intense fun).  We advice the ladies to leave the high heels at homes – plying back and forth between your favourite brewery stands is tiring enough without them.

2. Take care of the rest of your outfit

Leave the outer garments in the locker room. Carried around all day become more of a burden with every hour. Remember though to keep the rest of your clothing right for the occasion – they should be comfortable with trousers being able to fit all the beer you plan to drink. Remember that it’s absolutely not acceptable to remove them during the Expo! If you want to blend in grab some camouflage attire and buy a beer lover’s t-shirt.


3. Build up your equipment

Beer drank from plastic at Beer Expo…? This is simply not right! Your equipment cannot be lacking a beer glass then. You may bring your own or rent it or buy a model of your choice at the Expo. You might find a Bag For A Good Beer also useful – you’ll be able to fit your beer supply for later in here.


4. Don’t forget your food rations

If you’re dreaming of a great unforgettable experience no matter how much beer you drink, make sure your stomach is ready. Don’t leave home without breakfast! We start at 11 so you surely will have time to grab something to eat before you get here. Best if those are bacon fried eggs or some other highenergy food. Energy sure will be needed! You don’t have to worry about low energy levels during the event – there will be plenty feeding points such as food trucks and snack booths. Remember to use them freely!


5. Hydrate

Beer is always good but don’t forget about water! Look out for watering points and use them whenever you have a chance. You’ll thank for that advice in the next morning.

6. Work out a tactic

Firstly find the map and study it thoroughly. If the Polish craft beer grounds aren’t foreign to you, think through and plan your way through exhibit stands with all the stops. You don’t have to stick to the plan tightly – let yourself go and wander off the path from time to time! This way you’ll discover more beer tastes. Remember – not every surprise is a trap! If you are a novice you have to just go with the flow and trust your intuition. Some time may pass before you discover which beer styles you like and which you prefer to avoid. Don’t be afraid then not to finish something that is not in your taste. That will allow you to conserve your strength for drinking those that you enjoy more!

Regardless of everything keep in mind to stick to schedule that’s adapted to your own capabilities. It’s silly to get knocked out before noon. So be mindful of your capabilities and listen to your own body.

7. Pick a smaller caliber and get to know your weapon

Check what volumes do the exhibitors offer and try to follow the rule of less but more often. Remember that each and every of them has a different taste and your goal is to discover them. Talk to the exhibitors about the beer they’re serving and try to remember as much of it as possible. Ask whenever you don’t know something or something is unclear.


8. Interact with people

Best friendships develop over beer. There is no better souvenir to bring back home than a friendship! Engage, talk, raise toasts – this kind of behaviour is definitely in demand and it’s the right place to do it. If you’re not acting so you might raise suspicion.


9. Mind your manners

The alcohol in your blood doesn’t justify being rude or aggressive. Poznań Beer Expo is an event where you’re expected to be civil and act according to human interaction standards. Remember that also minors have access to the Expo that’s why if you happen to have to curse out loud do it classy!  Pamiętaj, że wstęp na Targi mają także niepełnoletni, dlatego jeśli już musisz głośno przeklnąć to rób to z klasą do stu diabłów!

10. Have fun

Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Try, test and discover. Look out for additional accompanying attractions and don’t be afraid to check them out – they’re all great fun! Be sure to take pictures – Koniecznie rób zdjęcia – you can show the photo evidence later to those that chickened out and didn’t come. Let them know what they’re missing. Share the pictures with hashtag #poznanbeerexpo or #poznanskietargipiwne and tag us! And if you decide to write up a report from your expedition to Poznań Beer Expo 2015 definitely send it to us as well!

                          Marcin Krzemiński
Post author: Marcin Krzemiński