Application form - steward

Stewards are essential individuals for the Greater Poland competition. Their task is to prepare and serve samples to the judges and ensure cleanliness in the tasting room and at the tables during judging. Stewards may also be asked to assist with minor tasks before the competition.

Greater Poland Steward – What we offer?

As a steward, you will have the opportunity to see from the inside how a competition like Greater Poland is organized and carried out. You will have the chance to get to know and talk with judges from Poland and abroad already at the integration evening. During the competition, you will enhance your knowledge by listening to their opinions during judging. After your work is done, you will also have the chance to personally evaluate many interesting beers, ciders, and meads – we would gladly hear your opinion!

Participation in the Greater Poland 2023 competition has ended. We invite you to participate in the next edition. Thank you 🙂