Application form for scribes

Are you not a judge but would like to observe their work up close? That’s great, because then you can become a competition scribe – you will sit at the table with the judges, but your role will not be judging; instead, you will be taking notes and entering the scores determined by the judges into the form. The scribe may also taste the samples and listen to the judges’ assessments, but cannot participate in the discussion about the evaluated beer.

Greater Poland Scribes – Why is it worth it?

As a scribe, you will get a close look at the work of judges evaluating beers, ciders, and meads; you will become more familiar with the professional vocabulary used in the evaluation. You will also have the opportunity to taste the competition beers while simultaneously listening to the judges’ assessments, which will be a great lesson for every enthusiast. Already at the integration evening, you will get to know and talk with judges from Poland and abroad – these could be valuable contacts if you want to judge in other competitions in the future.

Participation in the Greater Poland 2023 competition has ended. We invite you to participate in the next edition. Thank you 🙂