Visiting regulations



1. The provisions of these regulations apply to visitors to Poznań Beer Expo, held in Poznań on September 24-25, 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) organized by Targi Piwne sp. z o.o.. Poznań, ul. Głogowska 31/33, NIP 779-246-37-93 (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser).

2. Entering the Expo grounds is tantamount to accepting these Regulations and committing to comply with its provisions.

3. Entering the Expo grounds is tantamount to accepting the regulations for visitors to Expos and other events organized by Poznań International Expo, available at Regulations – Services – Grupa MTP, including guidelines and regulations resulting from the epidemiological situation.


  1. Visitors may stay on the premises of the Expo only on the dates and opening hours of the Expo.

  1. Minors may stay on the premises of the Expo only under the supervision of adults. Guardians bear full responsibility for minors entrusted to their care and are responsible for any damage caused by them.

  2. Each participant of the Expo is obliged to prove his or her age at the request of the Expo security services.

  3. An admission ticket to the Expo purchased at the ticket office or via Internet must be presented at the entrance to the Expo. Upon entering the Expo, the participant receives a wristband that entitles him or her to re-enter the Expo on the day or days for which the ticket was purchased.

  4. Access to specific events accompanying the Expo depends on the Participant’s purchased additional admission ticket to the accompanying event, as well as the applicable laws in this regard.

  5. Each participant of the Expo must wear a wristband at all times while staying on the premises of the Expo, which he or she will receive at the entrance. In the event of accidental damage to the wristband, the Participant is obliged to go to the appropriate serviceperson from the Organizing party together with the damaged wristband and proof of purchase of the ticket in order to report and receive a new wristband, after confirmation of his or her entitlements.

  6. Photographing and filming stands requires the prior written consent of the Exhibitor of a given stand or the Organizer.

  7. Participants may not refer to other Participants, speakers, partners, security services and Organizers, including all employees of the Organizer, in a way that violates dignity or is contrary to the general principles of social coexistence.

  8. Participants are obliged to behave in a way that does not hinder other Participants from participating in the Expo.

  9. Participants bear full responsibility for any damage they cause on the premises of the Expo and accompanying events.

  10. It is forbidden to bring firearms, ammunition, explosives and objects to the Expo grounds, the use of which may threaten the safety of persons staying on the grounds.

  11. It is forbidden to introduce and bring animals to the premises of the Expo.

  12. It is forbidden to:

  1. smoking tobacco and other substances legal under the law, except in a specially designated area in the parking lot;

  2. bring in alcohol and bring in, distribute and consume drugs;

  3. conduct any fundraising activities, acquisition, advertising, promotional and agitation activities not agreed with the Organizer, as well as any activities inconsistent with applicable law;

  4. use open fire;

  5. bring in chemical substances, fire-hazard substances, including cylinders with flammable gasses, including tourist type.

  6. pollute the pavilion and open areas with waste;

  7. destroy infrastructure (e.g. covering walls, windows, floors with advertising stickers , leaflets and other materials).

  1. Persons who are intoxicated, under influence of drugs or behaving in a way that threatens the safety of other visitors and exhibitors, disturb public order and violate generally accepted norms of behavior in public places are prohibited from entering the Expo grounds.

  2. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to admit the person referred to in point 14 above. In the event of non-compliance with the above-mentioned prohibitions, the Organizer reserves the right to immediately remove the Visitor from the Expo area and prevent re-entry, and in justified cases, call the Police.

  3. The organizer is not responsible for property brought to the Expo grounds.

  4. The organizer is not liable for personal injury caused by a third party or the fault of the aggrieved party.

  5. Visitors are obliged to follow order instructions issued by the Organizer’s servicepersons for organizational reasons or the need to secure property and ensure the safety of people staying on the premises of the Expo. The Organizer reserves the right to remove from the Expo a Participant who violates the provisions of these Regulations. In the event of removal, the Participant is not entitled to any claims against the Organizers.


  1. Entering the premises of the Expo is tantamount to consenting to the use of one’s image in film, video and audio recordings of the Expo/event and/or any element of the Event used as presentation or advertisement in media broadcasts around the world. Valid from 1.04.2023.