Poznańskie Targi Piwne

Taking place since 2013, the Poznań Beer Expo is an exceptional event. The joyful celebration of one of the oldest beverages in the world intertwined with the professional character of a trade fair event. It is an excellent occasion to learn about the culture, history and the modern world of craft beer.

The Poznań Beer Expo is a place to be for brewing enthusiasts, as well as people who are just now dipping their toes in the subject of beer. We will take you on a journey through an ocean of flavors, aromas and colors of beers brewed in dozens of breweries in Poland and around the world – from Grodziskie beer to Baltic porter, from New Zealand lager to India pale ale. We provide the opportunity to try out the highest quality craft beers, as well as get to know products inseparably connected with the beer trade.

The Expo, however, is not just beer, but most of all amazing people –professionals and homebrewers, bloggers, beer enthusiasts and all those who just love good beer. It is an opportunity to talk, share experiences or learn something new! If you don’t know what cool-fermenting is or what beers contain coriander, the Expo will be a chance for you to find out!


Grzegorz Stachurski
Szef wszystkich szefów

Beer judge, sensory expert and man of a thousand ideas. Initiator of the Poznań Beer Expo idea and co-founder of the Poznań based Setka brewery. He began his adventure with craft beer in 2011, so it can be safely said that he is a seasoned trooper. He spouts beer trivia, anecdotes and stories like it’s nobody’s business and meetings, conversations and people are what fuels his actions!

Alicja Stachurska
Ogarniacz chaosu

The backbone of the undertaking. Has an incomprehensible love to Excel spreadsheets, arranges, orders and files all ideas and plans, and later puts them into action and makes everything work like a Swiss watch. Between gearing everything up and responding to e-mails, she enjoys classic, mild and slightly sour beers. She is fascinated by the world of craft beer and learns more about it each day.

Marysia Banach
Matka Internetów

Doesn’t know beer, but she sure can Internet. Makes a few things up, sometimes throws a hint, but most of all writes. She’s the one who informs us of what’s going on and responds to your Facebook comments. In her free time she cooks (and blogs – Gruszka z fartuszka) or plays board games. She is only now getting to know the world of craft beer and so far is most interested in the tasting part. However, she already knows what IBU is and doesn’t like it when there’s too much of it.

Kasia Jędrzejczak
Magazyn Pozytywnej Energii

Owner of the broadest smile in the whole team. She only knows a little about crafts (just enough to know that she likes the sour ones and everything refreshing), but knows a lot about people. She distributes tasks, maintains order and makes sure that everything is alright even in her sleep. You’ll recognize her either by her being the one giving out orders via walkie-talkie, or running through the hall with wind in her hair to check on what’s happening on the other end.

Jan Szofer
Znawca tematu

The fair is his element. For 5 years he has been visiting the largest events in Europe, where he oversees the execution of projects, which means that he’s more often away than around. He has intensely looked at the work of other trade fair organizers, which is why he is now in charge of our technical infrastructure. He loves to travel (not just to the bar) and brings at least a few local beers from every trip. He likes it best when its smoked sour rye or hopped IPA.

Michał Mielczarek
Człowiek z krową na głowie

Beer MANIAC with a cultured speech impediment, which is why we put him in charge of the speakers and let him manage what happens on the stage. In 2009 he discovered the taste of real beer and went crazy about it. He drinks, brews and travels. A regular at competitions and festivals, as well as beer judge with various organizations (BJCP, PSPD). Owner of one of the artifacts of Polish craft, which is now a regular element of every important beer event in the country – a cow hat. No Cow, no party.

Bart Kłopotowski

His fascination with craft beer has lead him to create his own beer experiments – The North Brew. For a long time he was one of the mainstays at the Setka pub, especially on Wednesdays, when the pub organized meetings combining good beer and board games, so we put him in charge of the Chillout Zone. Additionally, he speaks and writes in English, which is why he handles the Expo’s Twitter profile, takes care of communication with foreign media and translates various things from time to time.

Damian Kanikowski
Pomysłowy Dobromir

Give him some flint, a bottle cap and some rope and he’ll build … we’re not exactly sure what, but it’ll definitely be something. That’s the kind of MacGyver he is. Undoubtedly his scout background and love of the mountains has influenced his ability to adapt to new conditions. He has a lot of energy, but does not shy away from recharging with good coffee. He won’t say no to beer and good food either. He helps as much as he can with organizing the Expo (and he can do a lot).