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You’ve been asking us for a while about the glassware that will be available to buy at Poznań Beer Expo 2015, so here’s the time for this secret to stop being a secret! :) Ladies and gentleman for the start (and it is just a start!) – three beautifully looking beer glass types! :)


A growing beer enthusiasts circle realizes that the right kind of glass can let out the full bouquet of aromas as well as emphasize the texture of the beer, its intensity and the right flavour balance. That is why we decided that one type of glass is not enough, so we are giving you three – all of them unique because they have been designed in cooperation with the best breweries.

2IPA Glass – unique design, created to support the complex and volatile aromas in India Pale Ale style beers. The glass has been developed in collaboration with two of the leading IPA brewers in the United States – Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada. After a series of designs and tastings in which hundreds of possible designs were considered, the brewers ultimately and unanimously chose, by secret vote, one glass – “number 6“. The glass has been designed to preserve a frothy head, enhance the taste and mouthfeel as well as ensure the comfort of drinking. Thanks to this glass the complex and alluring aromatic profiles of American hops are being beautifully emphasized.

3Witbier Glass – a glass developed for one of the most popular beer varieties – wheat beers. Created in collaboration with Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery. What is most important about it is the voluminous upper bowl part, which keeps those delicate aromas of wheat beer, the large mouth opening that allows delivering beer evenly across the palate which enhances mouthfeel and harmony of sweetness and acidity, laser cut lip that ensures a crisp and clean delivery in every sip, and an open bottom base that after every sip drives the aromatic foam upward into main bowl. A highest quality ultra-pure quartz makes for unsurpassed clarity allowing a flawless true color presentation, where a stark, angular shape and open base creates dramatic visual cascading effect into glass as beer is being poured.

1Stout Glass
– this glass made for drinking Stout beer has been designed in partnership with two American breweries – Colorado’s Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales from Oregon. After months of designing and tasting, during which hundreds of glass shapes were considered, the brewers ultimately and unanimously chose as their favorite, ‘Prototype C’. Expertly crafted, tested and approved by specialists, the glass accentuates the roasted malt, rich coffee and chocolate notes that define the Stout beer style.

All of those glasses will be available for purchase during the Expo at the price of 30 PLN each. Besides the above mentioned Spiegelau glasses there will be a fourth type about which we’ll inform you soon.

How do you like them? :)