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This year again we encourage everyone to visit our Expo store where you will find a few cool new products! One of those is a new Barrel Aged glass from Spiegelau.

barrel aged spiegelau
Barrel-aged beers are very complex in terms of aroma, taste, mouth feel and finish. Such beers need to be savoured and their aroma is best when the beer is slightly warm. The glasses are very popular among true beer connoisseurs which is why we just had to have them in our store!

The Spiegelau Barrel Aged Glass is the result of a two year development project in partnership with the brew masters of the world’s greatest producers of barrel-aged beer: Great Divide Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado; Green Flash Brewing Company of San

If you hoped to track the products you missed out on last year, all is not yet lost! The store offers beer glasses of IPA, Witbier and Stout and the classic Nonic, which is given away as a gift to anyone who buys a 3-day ticket to the Expo.

szklanki puste

  • Barrel Aged – PLN 30
  • IPA – PLN 30
  • Stout – PLN 30
  • Witbier – PLN 30
  • Nonic – free gift with a 3-day ticket, PLN 15 in store